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Business Litigation

Small businesses in the Kansas City area may find themselves involved in a variety of legal disputes. For example, a business may not have received payment for services rendered or may have another party failing to fulfill other contractual obligations. Or, a business may be accused of not paying for work performed or otherwise failing to fulfill contractual obligations. Sometimes there are disputes involving disagreements between the business owners, shareholders, LLC members, and/or partners. Unfortunately, these disputes can divert precious time, money, and other resources away from what counts the most: successfully running the business. Fortunately, our Kansas and Missouri business litigation attorneys can help.

Whether it is a payment dispute, a contract dispute, a breach of fiduciary duty dispute, a “business divorce” dispute, or another type of business dispute, the experienced attorneys at Hunter & Cassidy can help small businesses navigate those difficulties which may arise. As small business owners themselves, Scott and Dennis are always mindful of the financial considerations that go into either prosecuting or defending a business litigation matter. Hunter & Cassidy is an affordable alternative to the area’s larger business law firms. Whether your business believes it has been damaged by the conduct of another or is being accused of damaging another, Dennis and Scott offer practical solutions. Above all else, they see the role of an attorney in a business litigation matter as assisting the business in solving the problem in as cost-effective and timely manner as possible. That said, if the dispute demands engaging in litigation and even proceeding to trial, Hunter & Cassidy have the knowledge to provide sound legal advice and the courtroom skills to obtain favorable case results.

If your business is in need of legal counsel for a litigation-related or other important business matter, then contact our Kansas City business lawyers at Hunter & Cassidy today at (816) 421-1377, and let us go to work for you.

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