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How can you stay safe when cycling at night?

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2022 | Motor vehicle accidents

Summer will soon be here, and you will not need to cycle in the dark much at all. Until then, there may still be occasions where you want or need to in Kansas City, so you always need to be prepared.

Let’s say you cycle to work, intending to finish as usual and get back home while it is still light. Then your boss asks you to stay a little later, or a friend invites you out for a drink. What then? Do you put your bike in a cab or push it home?

Being prepared to cycle in the dark means it will not be a problem to do so

Using lights is a legal requirement at night. Leaving the lights on the bike ensure you are always ready to go. What other things could you do?

Have a special bike bag

Keeping a small frame bag with a spare tube, pump, and spanner ensures you can always change a puncture. Adding some extra kit to this bag can keep you prepared for unexpected trips in the dark:

  • A clip-on set of LED lights: If you turn the batteries around, you eliminate the risk of accidentally switching them on.
  • A reflective vest: You might not want to dress in luminous colors during the day. These pack up tiny and give you a massive visibility boost when needed.

You can also increase your visibility by choosing your routes carefully. Some streets have much better lighting than others.

Despite your best efforts, a driver still might not see you because they are not looking. If this happens, understanding how to claim injury compensation will be crucial.