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Auto upgrades could help keep you safer on the road

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2022 | Motor vehicle accidents

New technology comes out all the time, but when it’s implemented in vehicles, you should take a look to see if it could help you stay safer.

While driverless cars and automated features may be the ultimate goal for safety advocates, there are some interesting new pieces of technology that can help people avoid collisions and stay safer on the roads.

Here are four of the latest tech upgrades that could make your vehicle safer.

  1. Lane departure warning

Not all vehicles have lane departure warning, but it can be very helpful. It alerts you to let you know if you are approaching the center line or edge of the road, so you can make corrections.

  1. Adaptive cruise control

Cruise control has been around for a long time, but adaptive cruise control is different. It adjusts to help you keep a safe distance from others around you without having you take back over manually.

  1. Automatic emergency braking

Going to crash? Hopefully not when you’re using automatic emergency braking. Automatic emergency braking kicks in when you need to stop suddenly. The system identifies the hazard and then automatically applies the brakes.

Even if this doesn’t prevent a crash, it can help significantly reduce the impact of one.

  1. Blind spot monitoring

Finally, remember to look for blind spot monitoring in your vehicle. This system helps you know when someone is traveling in your blind spot or when there is an object near your vehicle that you can’t see. The system will alert you to let you know that you need to watch out.

These and many other safety upgrades in vehicles can help you stay safer when you’re driving, backing up or getting ready to merge into traffic.

That being said, technology is not perfect, and these systems can’t prevent every car accident. Drivers have to be cautious and pay attention behind the wheel.

If you’re hit because someone was not paying attention, it is likely their responsibility to compensate you for what you’ve been through. Safety systems aside, it is always a driver’s responsibility to be safe on the road.