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Drowsy driving: 2022 statistics and what you can do to help

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2022 | Firm News

The last thing anyone wants is to be involved in a car crash. Unfortunately, there are many people on the roads right now who are tired, distracted and being negligent.

Drowsy driving is one of the issues that could lead to automobile crashes, so it’s important for you and anyone you know to be informed about the risks of driving when you’re tired. By avoiding this behavior yourself, you can help make the roads safer. By understanding the condition, you may be better able to identify it and know when another driver is acting unsafely because they are tired or have fallen asleep behind the wheel.

Drowsy driving causes many serious collisions and deaths annually

According to the National Safety Council, around 100,000 crashes happen annually because of drowsy driving behaviors. In those crashes, around 71,000 people are injured and another 1,550 end up dying.

The statistics show that around 9.5% of all crashes are linked to drowsy driving, but the reality is that the total could be much higher. Why? It’s sometimes difficult to know if a driver was drowsy or asleep at the time of the crash unless there is a witness.

Keep yourself safe by knowing the warning signs

There are several warning signs to keep in mind if you want to stay safer on the roads. Some signs that you may be too tired to drive include:

  • Having a hard time keeping your eyes open.
  • Being unable to, or struggling to, keep your eyes focused.
  • Feeling heavy.
  • Forgetting the last few minutes of your drive.

If you start seeing these signs, it’s time to pull over and rest. Even if you’re close to home or close to your destination, realize that not stopping now could result in you actually falling asleep and getting into a collision.

The signs of others being drowsy could include weaving in and out of their lanes, suddenly braking or slowing down or going off the roadway and hitting the rumble strips.

Drowsy driving has the potential to maim and kill, which is why it’s important to report those who are driving dangerously and to avoid driving when you’re tired. If you’re hit, remember that you can make a claim to seek compensation for your injuries.