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Recouping lost wages following a car accident

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2022 | Motor vehicle accidents

Injuries from a car accident can leave you bedridden and unable to do things on your own. It may even be impossible to attend to your usual work duties. As a result, you will miss out on wages or income you would have earned were it not for the accident.

In such a case, it is only fair that you get compensated for the lost income as part of the economic damages from your injuries. Here is what you need to know.

Proving lost income

Like all other damages, there needs to be evidence of the losses or harm suffered. An official doctor’s report will be among the first things you need to prove lost income. It will show that your injuries prevent you from working and that they are from the crash, not a pre-existing condition.

Secondly, you should have copies of your recent paychecks that show your wages or benefits to substantiate your missed income. If you are self-employed, bank statements or invoices can do the job.

It may seem pretty straightforward, but in some cases where the injuries are severe, proving your future earning capacity is not so simple. For instance, a permanent disability can affect your career progression, but it may be difficult to quantify your actual losses due to the many speculations involved.

Getting the compensation you deserve

Pursuing compensation while nursing your injuries can be a tricky affair. Insurance adjusters can take advantage of your situation, not to mention the legal nitty-gritty that may come into play. The chances of dropping the ball and getting less compensation than you deserve are high.

Therefore, when filing your car accident claim, it is advisable to seek competent assistance to ensure you make the most out of it and get justice.