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Staying safe as a pedestrian

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2022 | Motor vehicle accidents

You enjoy a stroll around the city on the weekends. Maybe you have even ditched the car and prefer to walk to work each day instead. In any case, it’s crucial to stay safe as a pedestrian. The sad reality is that pedestrians can suffer catastrophic injuries if they’re struck by a vehicle.

While there are no guarantees that you won’t be hit by a driver, there are some simple measures you can take to help protect yourself as a pedestrian. Let’s look at a couple.

Plan your route

It’s always worth taking some time to plan your route before setting off. Are there areas that you know are going to be especially busy? Is there a road that’s notorious for accidents? Even if your journey on foot takes a few minutes longer, it might be worth avoiding areas that could place you in danger.

Never assume that you’ve been seen

You may assume that all drivers can see you, especially if you’re where you have every right to be, such as crossing in an intersection with the light or in a parking lot pedestrian crossing. However, it’s in your best interests to think the opposite.

Drivers aren’t always on the lookout for pedestrians, and even if they are, there is no guarantee that they have seen you. It’s especially important to be wary of vehicles that are reversing, as backing-up accidents are one of the more common causes of pedestrian injuries.

You should be able to walk safely without the risk of injury. Unfortunately, despite taking precautions, you may still be caught up in an accident. If it was the result of a negligent driver, then you may be able to pursue compensation for your expenses as well as your pain and suffering. Seeking legal guidance will give you a better idea of your options.