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Motorcyclists should wear more than just a helmet

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2022 | Motor vehicle accidents

One of the most important forms of protection for motorcyclists may be their helmets. A helmet, despite often being no more than a few layers of plastic and padding, could prevent a rider from experiencing serious head trauma in an accident by absorbing shock from an impact, while also protecting them from bugs, flying debris and the elements. 

A helmet can be protective and versatile, but is it the only thing cyclists should wear? Shouldn’t you wear protective gear in other places? Here’s what you should know:

Head, hands, knees, feet and elbow gear

Motorcyclists need to consider protecting more than just their heads from injuries. Many limbs and bones are susceptible to injuries, especially on a vehicle that lacks very few safety features. 

Motorcyclists may consider getting protective gear such as:

  • Boots: you may need the right type of boot for the job – a pair that can protect from your feet exhaust pipe burns and impact. Over-the-ankle books could protect your feet and ankles in a collision.
  • Elbow and knee pads: Elbow and knee injuries can cause all sorts of issues in an accident. Elbow and knee pads could prevent twisting in an accident while absorbing shock that might shatter bone.
  • Gloves: Many people don’t realize their hands and wrists are highly susceptible to injuries. The right type of glove could help reduce breakage and road burn in an accident.

Just because you’re a safe driver doesn’t mean others are. You may be involved in an accident and your gear could reduce major injuries. If you’re in an accident, you may still experience serious injuries that require you to reach out for legal help