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The astronomical costs of spinal cord injuries

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2022 | Motor vehicle accidents

People who have a spinal cord injury after a car crash are often unable to work. Even if they can, it’s likely going to be very limited because of the effects of the injury. 

Many people don’t realize the high cost that comes with one of these injuries. The lifetime cost is higher for people who have more serious injuries and those who are younger when they’re injured. The first year after a spinal cord injury is usually the most expensive. 

Estimated annual and lifetime costs of a spinal cord injury

High tetraplegia that stems from damage to the C1 to C4 vertebrae is estimated to cost around $1,163,452 in the first year and approximately $202,032 each year after. The total cost for a person who’s 25 when they’re injured is around $5,162,152, but it’s $2,537,031 for someone who’s 50 at the time of the injury.

A person who has low tetraplegia, which stems from injuries to the C5 through C8 vertebrae will spend around $840,676 in the first year and around $123,938 every year after. A person who’s injured when they’re 25 will have lifetime costs of around $3,771,791. A person who’s 50 when they’re injured will have lifetime costs of approximately $2,319,998. 

It’s often difficult for people to deal with these expenses, especially when they’re unable to work. Anyone who has a spinal cord injury as a result of a motor vehicle accident needs proper medical care — but that takes money. To protect your future and your family, it’s incredibly important to seek experienced legal guidance about your claim so that you can get the maximum possible compensation.