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5 kinds of road users that can cause accidents

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2023 | Motor vehicle accidents

Traffic safety is extremely important because there are millions of drivers on the road each day. If drivers don’t follow basic traffic laws, then they could end up seriously injuring others.  

There are certain demographics that have a higher chance of causing accidents. Here’s what you should know:

Drunk drivers

Drivers have to obey the law and keep well below the legal drinking limit before handling a vehicle. Unfortunately, drivers drive drunk all the time. Alcohol has the effect of reducing a driver’s focus and responsiveness to traffic, which can raise their chances of causing an accident. 

Drowsy drivers

You might not think that being tired while driving was dangerous, however, it may be just as bad or worse than drunk driving. Drowsy drivers and drunk drivers often have similar symptoms. Drowsy drivers, however, may have a higher chance of falling asleep behind the wheel, causing them to lose control of their vehicle.

Distracted drivers

People struggle with distractions often, but it typically isn’t serious until a driver is distracted. A distraction while driving is anything that may cause a driver to look away from the road or take a hand off the wheel. Distracted drivers are one of the leading causes of auto accidents. 

Inexperienced drivers

You may have forgotten what it was like to learn to drive. Many teens are learning to drive and their experience operating a vehicle or driving through could lead to an accident. Furthermore, teens may have an increased chance of being distracted when they take their phones in a car. 

Some truck drivers

Trucks are dangerous vehicles because of their size alone. A trucker who lacks experience or loses control of their vehicle, for example, during a storm could cause fatal injuries to other drivers.

You may need to be aware of your legal options when seeking compensation for your injuries and losses after a car accident.