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How can drivers reduce their risk of being involved in a semi-truck wreck?

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2023 | Motor vehicle accidents

Just the cab of a semi-truck is often twice as tall as the average car. The trailer attached could be 28 feet long or even more than that. Large commercial vehicles are much heavier and bigger than passenger vehicles, which means that they can easily cause catastrophic damage to smaller vehicles and life-altering injuries to their occupants in the event of a collision.

As a result, motorists should make every reasonable effort to protect themselves from the possibility of a crash. Semi-truck collisions should receive priority consideration from those who want to reduce their risk of being injured while traveling on the road. Thankfully, there are a few tips that can drastically decrease someone’s likelihood of getting into a crash with a semi-truck.

Respect their blind spots

Semi-trucks have large blind spots around their trailers. Even when truck drivers have extra mirrors installed, they may not be able to see to the left of the trailer or any vehicle in the two lanes to the right of the trailer. Directly behind the trailer can also be a blind spot. Staying out of those blind spots and assuming that a trucker cannot see someone in those areas may help a driver stay a bit safer on the road.

Pass or merge with caution

Semi-trucks cannot slow down and stop as quickly as passenger vehicles. They generally require at least twice the stopping distance of smaller vehicles, which means that those entering the lane of traffic in front of a semi-truck need to be extra careful. Leaving more space between the rear of a passenger vehicle on the front of a semi-truck is important. Drivers should also try to travel at a higher rate of speed than the truck behind them.

Give more space at intersections

When approaching an intersection, drivers should watch for semi-trucks. They often perform wide turns that cross multiple lanes of traffic. Those who get too close to the semi-truck or pull too far forward when across the intersection from a semi-truck could end up causing a crash because the vehicle cannot maneuver as effectively as smaller vehicles.

In general, best practices for staying safe around semi-trucks include being very aware of their presence and giving them as much space as possible. Accordingly, maintaining appropriate safety practices can reduce the likelihood of a severe collision that could alter the course of someone’s life.