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5 things to know about semitruck crashes

On Behalf of | Dec 25, 2023 | Motor vehicle accidents

Semitruck crashes are complex events that can have a variety of causes. Understanding the different elements at play in these incidents is essential because they can have far-reaching implications for all parties involved.

The aftermath of a semitruck crash can be challenging due to the catastrophic injuries and financial damages. Learning a bit about these crashes may be beneficial for victims who are considering seeking compensation.

1. Truckers may be to blame

Truck drivers are often a focal point during a semitruck crash investigation. Factors such as fatigue, driving under the influence, inadequate training or failure to comply with traffic laws can contribute to these accidents. Truck drivers are bound by strict regulations, including hours of service rules, to reduce the risk of accidents caused by driver error. 

2. Trucking company policies are a possible cause

Trucking companies can also be liable in a crash. Their policies and practices can contribute to accidents, including hiring standards, training procedures, vehicle maintenance routines and pressure on drivers to meet tight deadlines. Companies may sometimes prioritize profits over safety, leading to compromised safety standards. 

3. Other motorists might contribute

While the focus is often on the truck driver or the trucking company, other motorists can also play a role in causing a semitruck crash. Driving recklessly around a semitruck, cutting in front, braking suddenly or driving in a truck’s blind spots, can increase the risk of an accident. 

4. Risk of shifting cargo

The way cargo is secured is critical to the vehicle’s stability and safety. Improperly secured or shifting cargo can cause a driver to lose control, leading to jackknifing, rollovers or other accidents. Failure to properly secure cargo can be a significant factor in semitruck crashes.

5. Catastrophic injuries are possible

Due to their massive size and weight, semitrucks can cause catastrophic injuries in a crash. These injuries, including those to the brain or spinal cord, can be life-altering, leading to permanent disabilities or fatalities. 

Semitruck crashes are complex incidents with many possible contributing factors. Understanding these elements is vital for anyone who’s seeking compensation so they can name the appropriate parties as defendants.