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What if an uninsured driver causes a Missouri wreck?

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2024 | Motor vehicle accidents

Liability insurance is often the only thing protecting people from financial devastation after a car crash. In Missouri, drivers typically need proof of insurance to register their vehicles. However, the driver at fault for a crash may not have enough income or personal savings to pay for everything out of pocket.

The people impacted by a crash can typically file a claim against their liability insurance coverage to help pay for their costs. Unfortunately, just like plenty of people drive in unsafe manners, there are also people who don’t carry proper insurance.

What protects someone’s financial well-being from the consequences of being struck by an uninsured driver?

People can carry special coverage

Missouri is among the worst states in the country for uninsured drivers, at least according to insurance industry data from 2019. Missouri ranked 12th in the nation for the highest number of uninsured drivers. People can expect that 16.4% of the people they encounter on the road do not have proper insurance as required by the law.

Therefore, many motorists decide to invest in extra coverage on their policies in case they encounter someone without insurance. Uninsured motorist protection is a form of supplemental insurance that can help pay someone’s costs after a crash caused by someone without coverage or a hit-and-run collision.

Unfortunately, even when someone is not at fault for a wreck, the need to file a claim against their policy could increase what they pay in insurance premiums later. Drivers may also want to consider a personal injury lawsuit as a solution for a crash caused by an uninsured motorist. Ultimately, holding the right person financially accountable sometimes requires going to court after a Missouri crash.