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Why you should seek medical treatment immediately after an accident

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2024 | Motor vehicle accidents

When one is involved in an accident and doesn’t sustain visible or serious injuries, they may be tempted to ignore seeking medical attention. They may feel they don’t need treatment. But a doctor should examine you after an accident, regardless of the severity.

Here is why:

You may have hidden injuries

When you are involved in an accident, you will release adrenaline to help your body act in the traumatic situation (the fight or flight response). While an adrenaline rush can increase your mental concentration, it can distract you from feeling pain. 

Accordingly, you may be injured in an accident and not feel pain. And since it may take time before an adrenaline rush subsides, you may leave an accident scene believing you are fine, yet you are injured.

Your injuries may worsen

If you are injured in an accident and fail to get immediate medical treatment, your injuries may worsen. For example, if internal bleeding is not treated immediately, it can cause organ failure. Further, if a wound is not dressed properly, it can be infected, resulting in secondary complications.

Some injuries may even lead to permanent issues if treated late. For example, an untreated head trauma may make you more susceptible to balance problems.

It can take time before an injury shows up

Some injuries take time before they show up after a car accident. You may not notice these injuries even after an adrenaline rush subsides. For example, some brain damage symptoms can take hours or days before showing. Delayed symptoms are not uncommon after an accident, and in some cases, they are usually life-threatening.

Medical treatment is crucial after an accident. You should also seek legal help to explore your options.