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What are the hazards of tanker trucks on the roadways?

On Behalf of | May 10, 2024 | Motor vehicle accidents

Tanker trucks transport vital liquids, such as gas and milk, around the country, but this comes at a cost. These large and heavy rigs can lead to considerable hazards to other motorists and vehicle occupants on the road.

One of the biggest hazards associated with tanker trucks is the liquid they carry. These tanks have baffles and bulkheads that can help to prevent some sloshing, but the liquid still experiences some motion as a rig moves. It’s possible that the momentum of the liquid can cause a trucker to lose control of the rig because the trailer is swinging too much.

Certain features improve safety

There are features built into these trailers that can help to improve safety. These tankers are built to have a low center of gravity. While it may seem like this would mean a partial fill of liquid is better than a full load, that’s not the case. Full loads won’t move as much as partial load, and these tankers are built based on keeping the center of gravity as low as possible when they’re filled.

Another safety feature is manlids, which are built to seal the top hatches from leaking liquid while still allowing the tank to breathe. This, coupled with a design that helps to encourage an even burn if there’s a fire, help to prevent explosions that can be fatal.

Trucker training is critical

The truckers who drive tankers are highly skilled. This isn’t a job that’s typically handled by a rookie trucker. While they’re driving, these tanker truck operators must ensure they’re in the best shape possible. This means they aren’t impaired, fatigued or distracted while they’re on the road.

Victims who are struck by tanker trucks can end up with catastrophic injuries that require considerable medical care. Those victims may opt to seek compensation from the negligent party or parties that caused their harm. This is a complex undertaking, but it can potentially be successful with the right assistance.