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Documenting Personal Injuries

The old phrase “A picture says a thousand words” is especially true in regard to claims for personal injuries in Kansas City. To the extent you can, take photos or even videos of your appearance following an accident, particularly if you sustained noticeable bruising, cuts, broken bones, etc. Date stamp the photos/videos. Periodic updated photos/videos can help document how long you had to endure the condition. For example, showing a picture with significant bruising two (2) weeks after the accident is likely going to be far more persuasive to an insurance claim handler, and ultimately a jury if no settlement is reached, than you simply saying you had bruising two weeks later.

If possible, take photos and/or video depicting the damage to the vehicles involved in any car crash or the scene of the accident (whether a car crash, slip-and-fall, or the like). Finally, keep track of the time you might be missing from work to recover and/or go to medical appointments. The better documentation you have, the increased likelihood you have for obtaining a fair and reasonable settlement or jury award.